Monday, May 9, 2011

New "West Coast Drive" CAD Render

UPDATE: I have made the necessary modifications to the model to make it faster, sleeker, and more... adequate. The fire decals and racing stripes improve performance, while the quad subs and gold wheel make for a more luxurious ride. Although the bot is completely run via remote control, the wheel was agreed upon being the best fit for the front of the chassis. See the revised model below, with the original after the break -
There is an even newer model with spinners, underside-neon-glow, and bumper stickers in the works!

My friend just finished the model for a new six-wheel drive-train, informally called "west coast drive", that we hope to be building before mid-June. This model was done entirely in SolidWorks Design. SolidWorks donated a few copies of its software to every FRC team last year, so thanks again to them.
Anyway, as you can see, the new drive-train we are working on will have six wheels, each custom-machined to be wider than average robots use. This is to increase our traction, and be able to push other robots to our whim.
New Drive Base Modeled in SolidWorks
The design is inspired by that of FRC Team 973. Each side will use two cim motors with custom gearboxes with dual transmission. The gearboxes are mostly composed of pieces found in SuperShifters, which were part of the FRC kit of parts two years ago. The BOM comes out to almost $1700, so we are glad we have old pieces to clean up and use. This is going to be a lot of work!