Monday, June 6, 2011

Dhish For Android

This week my friend posted his first game to the Android Market. It's called Dhish. It is a port of his OpenProcessing version found here. It's basically a little personal evolution chamber, each "dhish" playing out its own world. Some will die out, some will prosper and create better inhabitants. In the Android version, you take control of a single specimen and try to eat and dodge predators until you die. It counts your descendants as your score. Try it out for only $0.99 and tell em i0dine sent ya!

Red cells are carnivores, yellow are herbivores, and green are plants!

From -

An evolution simulator! Survive, eat, reproduce, repeat. Evolve or die.
It’s a jungle in there--join the ruthless carnivores, ominous omnivores, and planty plants on the deceptively smooth agar surface of...the Petri Dhish. Watch evolution in action, as Descent with Modification meets the selective pressures of a changing environment. Then dive into the fray by touching any cell on the Dhish, and match wits against evolving enemies.

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